Tender Care (Home Health Pty Ltd) is a West Australian charity and public benevolent institution which has been providing non-clinical community mental health (psychosocial) services for a quarter of a century.


     Tender Care     



Tender Care operates from a strong base of human values… hope, kindness, compassion, respect, trust, belief and integrity


     Support Focus     

The Tender Care focus is on supporting individuals towards healing on their unique journeys of recovery of mental health & wellbeing. Also supported are their caring family members and friends who assume vital roles in supporting someone experiencing difficult mental health issues.


The recovery worker is like a recovery coach who interacts one-to-one and in group activities with the client, in their local community. Together they explore a variety of rewarding social, daily living, recreational, or vocational experiences. Together they discuss and act in partnership to resolve a variety of needs and issues, or to achieve the important hopes & dreams of the client.



Tender Care support services are block-funded by the Mental Health Commission WA for individuals with mental health issues and their carers & family, and individually-funded by the NDIS for persons with psychosocial disabilities.

The services operate in parts of Perth metro, the Wheatbelt and the South West, and client referrals are mainly from local public community mental health services & clinics.


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